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Why do you need
Influencer Analytics?

Analyzing the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations can be tricky. Storyclash makes it simple to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

With Storyclash, you can analyze your brand’s performance, track the impact of the influencers you work with and monitor competitors across all relevant social media platforms.

Types of analysis
for Influencer Marketing

Competitor analysis
  • How is your competitors social media strategy performing?
  • Get social media data from your competitor's accounts.

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Owned media analysis
  • Get control over your brand's different sites
  • Gather all relevant information of all your locations.

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Earned media analysis
  • Who is posting what about your competitors?
  • Gain insights on the voices of the media and your industry.

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Paid collaboration analysis
  • What are the creators you currently work with posting?
  • Check important KPIs like reach, engagement, and more.

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Storyclash, your all-in-one solution for Influencer Marketing Analytics


Compare all your brand's global accounts in one view without connecting them to Storyclash manually  – than zoom in on specific countries and languages.


Check out previous brand collaborations of every single influencer, evaluate potential partners and spy on your competitor's strategy.


Monitor your KPIs and track your campaigns across all platforms, Including Instagram Stories & TikTok – then share the results with anyone in one click.

Trusted by
leading marketers worldwide

Learn why top brands rely on Storyclash to find the best influencers, track their campaigns and drive more ROI from Influencer Marketing


I cannot make any deal with my influencers without the insights of Storyclash! It is the best tool when it comes to detailed information about influencer activities on Instagram.


Eunyoung Park

Influencer Marketing Manager


We use Storyclash in every aspect of an influencer campaign, and we wouldn't be able to deliver the same high quality without their analysis & content tools. You are 10 steps behind in your influencer strategy if you have not seen the power of Storyclash.


Martin Kalasho

Influencer Marketing & Collab Brand Manager


With Storyclash, I can easily analyze how successful my influencer campaigns were. I like the easy way of creating a report and getting a quick overview of the campaigns.


Jacklyn Odenbreit

Social Media Manager


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